Frequently asked questions

1. Are service rates are all inclusive or is there additional cost?

Service charge is an inclusive price (fuel, tolls and parking fees) with no additional fee.


Please note that additional fees are charged on major annual holidays and you will be informed of the additional charges before we confirm your reservation.

2. How do I pay?

You pay in cash directly to your driver on the traveling date, upon arrival at your destination. We accept payments in Thai Baht only.

3. Do you have vehicles available at night?

We offer available 24 hours service everyday with designated drivers for the day and night shifts to serve customers without additional fees. All you need is to make a reservation in advance during business hours so that we can arrange a suitable car.


If you have an urgent travel, our car will pick you up in 45 minutes or less right after the booking is confirmed (depending on the service area)

4. Why haven’t I received the reply from my reservation form?

Make sure you have entered your email address and additional information in the form properly. If the problem persists despite all information given, please check your spam folder again.


If you are confident that you have followed the steps and entered the information correctly and still have not received any response, please click the link here to directly contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible since we always care about your booking.

5. Would a round-trip booking get discounted?

We offer discounts for a same-day return travel.

6. What if I want to change the travel date or time after the booking is confirmed?

You can notify travel changes via email or any available contact channels. Please inform at least 6 hours prior to the departure time.

7. Can I stop by for sightseeing while traveling? And will there be any additional cost?

A stop for sightseeing / shopping / dining (2 hours long waiting time per stop) will incur an additional charge of 300 baht, please inform us in advance at the end of the form (in the special requests section) in order that we will notify your driver beforehand. (Note: tourist attractions should be on the main route of the journey)

8. Do you provide child seats?

Yes, we have baby or child car seats for any age. We charge extra 200 baht per rented seat /one way

9. Can I want to bring a pet with?

Of course you can, but your pet must be in a cage for safety.

10. What if I want to book to a place aside from the ones specified in the form?

If you wish to travel to a destination aside from the reservation form, you can contact us by email to check the location price. And service We will respond as soon as possible.

11. What if i want to cancle a reservation?

If you need to cancel your reservation please provide at least 6 hours notice before travelling. If there is no notification by email or other means, there will be a cancellation fee of 30% of the booking fare.

Questions about tour services

1. Is this a private multi-place tour?

Yes, this is a private tour which you can freely choose the attractions according to your preference.

2. Do you have a tourist guide service?

Of course, we have a place to recommend. You can see more details here.

3. Is there a tour guide in your trip package?

Our service does not have a tour guide. Our service is mainly based on the itinerary. But you can ask the driver for basic travel information.

4. How much time do I have for travel?

We offer 8 hours service since the start of the tour. If you need to spend more time, there may be additional costs. The price conditions are as agreed.

5. What are your tourism service rates included?

This rate includes fuel costs, toll fees, and parking fee. But entrance tickets to all attractions are not included.

      We are pleased to be part of delivering impressive service and special convenience to your travel.  Thank you for choosing us.